Gender Responsive Global Environment Facility

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As you can see in the graph above, there is much work to be done to decrease the gap between genders. While there is considerable progress to be made, the trend is on a positive movement towards the betterment of women's equality in many countries.

Overall Findings In The Gender Parity Policy

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The policies that have been put into place by government bodies seem to be having profound impact on the issues faced by women in developing countries. That said, policy makers need to take into account the findings to draw up new policies that will further impact the women's equality in the environment.

Countries Ranked By E.G.I

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Studies have shown the countries with the most positive EGI's have been nothing short of surprising. For example, the United States of America ranked 14. The top countries that were involved in the study were Norway, Netherlands, and Iceland. The countries that could use more work included mainly African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritania, and Yemen.